• instant hand sanitizer gel
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  • Hand Sanitizer Gel

Hand Sanitizer Gel

Today, when the whole society advocates "saving food" and"protecting the environment", the hand sanitizer gel not only ensures the health of users, but also helps users save valuable scale anytime and anywhere, and beautify our environment. Towels, water and soap etc. According to the active ingredients, hand sanitizer gel can be divided into alcohol hand sanitizer gel and non-alcoholic hand sanitizer gel. 

The main active ingredient of alcohol hand sanitizer gel is ethanol or isopropanol, which is used to kill bacteria and weaken the activity of viruses to eliminate pathogens. The alcohol concentration of the finished product should be between 70% and 80%. Too high or too low alcohol concentration will reduce the effect of sterilization. In addition, hydrogen peroxide will be added to eliminate spores, and glycerin will be added as an emollient to prevent skin from becoming too dry due to contact with alcohol. Hand sanitizer gel sold on the market will also add aroma ingredients, aloe vera gel or other skin care formulas to meet the sensory needs of customers. However, some additives may cause skin irritation.

  • instant hand sanitizer gel
  • gel hand cleaner
  • Hand Sanitizer Gel

Specification Of Hand Sanitizer Gel

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Application Of Hand Sanitizer Gel

Instant hand sanitizer gel can be used in hospitals, banks, supermarkets, government agencies, enterprises and institutions, theaters, military units, entertainment venues, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, families, hotels, restaurants, airports, docks, train stations and tourism without water and soap Anhydrous hands should be disinfected in an environment with no water.

Advantages Of Hand Sanitizer Gel
Water-free Hand Washing

when customer wash hands by hand sanitizer gel, water won't be needed. Hands can be cleaned anytime and anywhere.

Easy To Carry

Comparing with traditional hand wash soap, hand sanitizer gel is generally packed in plastic bottle with different size which is easy to be uses and carried.

Continuous Effect

The cleansing and disinfecting effect of hand sanitizer gel lasts for a long time, the effect can last for 4 to 5 hours, the longest can reach 6 hours;

Gentle Skin Care

Hand sanitizer gel has the functions of controlling the oxidative stress level of the hands, preventing skin damage and protecting the hands, and can nourish and protect the skin of the hands.

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